Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What kind of person Corey Taylor, author of Seven Deadly Sins, is

Based on my reading of this book, I have came to the conclusion that Corey Taylor is that of an average person, with an over-extensive imagination. Part of this reasoning may be due to the bias I have for him, being that he is the lead singer of two of my favorite bands. Taylor jumps back and forth on the presentation of formality. His detail into the sins are what makes this read interesting. For example, Taylor speaks of the sin of wrath, stating "However, wrath is also the one 'sin' on the list whose darkness is immediately recognizable becuase it is a feeling that can be reciprocated instantly." (Taylor pg 27) He views rath as nothing more than a sin, but rather an emotion that is felt in everyday reality. Corey Taylor can also be viewed with a wild sense of humor. Although his content seems to be more adult oriented, he seems to connect through jokes that the typical teenager can understand. Such as in this excerpt "The wheels on the bus may go 'round and 'round, but that bus might run you over if the driver gets fired." (Taylor pg 35) This passage is again making a comedic connection to the sin of wrath.

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