Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Author's Purpose in Seven Deadly Sins based on reviews

Throughout reading "Seven Deadly Sins," it was hard to compensate the goal in which the author was trying to accomplish. Upon reading reviews from a source titled the A.V. Club, they seem to believe that Taylor's goal was split to both entertain and persuade. Such being that from the beginning of the story, he shows his opinion on the seven deadly sins, "Can you imagine how life would be without the seven little spices?" (Taylor pg 16) He states that without the seven sins, everyday society would lose it's edge. On the turn or persuasion, Taylor will convince that the sins aren't necessarily deadly. "Hope that people can stop carrying the bricks of guilt and self-disgust and use them to build a foundation on their own morals, not someone else's expectations." (Taylor pg 20) Taylor gives his insight in that just because one person believes so heavily into the seven sins and their consequences, that does not mean you should weigh your concious the same.

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