Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Prevailing mood of Seven Deadly Sins

Overall, this book's mood is across a broad spectrum of emotions. Due to this read dealing with seven different areas, or sins, of human life, the mood will sing with every page read.  The first few chapters of the book deal with the sin of wrath, in which Taylor prevails a more serious tone. For example he tells a personal experience of this sin and tells of the aftermath, in which he states "Rage is not a sin, but it can be the trigger that makes us commit sins. The real problem comes when we bottle up emotion and ignore the fact that we need to let ourselves be angry." (Taylor pg 30.)
Another section of the book deals with the sin of lust. Taylor takes more of a humurous tone. He tells of another personal experience, and describes the feeling of lust through in his eyes. He states "Lust, my Achilles Heel, the crazy monkey on my back, flailing and screaming and using my hair as a pair of handle bars, steering me toward the edge." (Taylor pg 48) His use of metaphors is what brings out the humor of this passage.
The next sin Taylor targets is that of vanity. With this, he continues to stay with a humerous tone. He begins this by giving a drawn-out description of himself, and never the less ending with "One more thing: I do not mean to brag or anything, but god-damn, I am pretty." (Taylor pg 70) Now reading through the description, Taylor is jokingly stating his accomplishments, such as "I am (apparently) a renowned artist, singer, songwriter, lyricist, entertainer, dancer (total lie), magi (another lie), aura reader (where's he going with this?) and all-around famous person." (Taylor pg 69)

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