Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Three Major Incidents in Seven Deadly Sins

One of the major incidents that occur in "Seven Deadly Sins," would have to be Taylor's personal experience to the sin of wrath. He starts by providing background information, in which he and his sister were staying at a friend of their mother's house one night. He then claims that he doesn not wish to remember these people, so they are referred to as Tom and Christine. Taylor then describes the lifestyle of Tom and Christine and how Tom seemed to be the only normal one out of both of them. Christine leaves to drink while Tom sits at home and waits for her. Then, he goes into detail of Tom's elevation of anger. There is a transition of the next day of Christine kicking in the front door. Tom then snaps, and gets into a brawl with Christine. Taylor states "I watched it all, including the inevitable aftermath: Christine running away and Tom chasing after her, leaving all the kids by themselves." (Taylor pg 30)
Another major incident within this book is the author's opinion on the sin of sloth. Taylor describes himself as a determined person, by saying "I work constantly. When I am not working, I am trying to raise my kids. When I am not raising future anarchists, I am working on other people's tomfoolery." (Taylor pg 95-96) He goes into saying that sloth should not necessarily be a sin, because it is all based around an attitude, rather than a lifestyle. He describes how his previous mindset of work has changed from that of where he is today. He makes a powerful statement of "Life owes you nothing; you owe yourself everything." (Taylor pg 97)
One last incident through this read would have to be Taylor's descripton of him growing up in Waterloo. He begins by saying that the statements that will be made about this town do not reflect the people who are currently living there. Taylor explains his hatred for the town as he was growing up, and shares that "It was in this town that all of these 'sins' really hit home." (Taylor pg 115) He then describes his living conditions at the time, and how he had to move in with his mother's best friend, who he despised greatly. "It was Jerry Springer every night at our house." (Taylor pg 116) This excerpt describes the addictions and domestic violence that Taylor would face daily. He then leads to more horrific details of events that occurred. In reference, Taylor says "Some scars run deep and some wounds never heal, but that sweet, sweet anger lives forever." (Taylor pg 119)

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