Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sufficient Events in Chronological order in "Band of Brothers"

1.Boot Camp
This is where the group known as E-Company starts to become a reality. These men came from different backgrounds, as well as different parts of the country. Here is where Herbert Sobel, Clarence Hester, Dick Winters, Walter Moore, Lewis Nixton, and there commander Col. Robert Sink are introduced.
2. Parachute School (Benning)
 This shows how E-Company comes to work as a whole unit instead of an individual. It is here where Sink will allow Sobel command over his own regiment. The training here is more grueling than that of the basic boot camp. It is here where E-Company will learn of their parachuting techniques.
3.Parachute School (Mackall)
The Easy Company transports to a new parachute school located in North Carolina. This camp seemed to be more luxurious to the soldiers than the last. Even though many new additions were added to the base, the training intensified. E-Company began doing practice runs here with weapons attatched, and full gear.
4.The Samaria
The Samaria was an old India mail liner and passenger ship converted to a troop transport. This is where E-Company is moved to. The conditions on this boat were very harsh. Scarce supply of water, food, and they did not have a change of clothes. Two men were assigned to one bunk, and had to sleep in shifts. The company only had two meals a day, and space was limited. This brought them closer together.
Easy Company arrived in England to prepare for the invasion of Europe. The training schedule was intense. They were six days a week, eight to ten hours a day. They had 15-25 mile hikes, and went on night operations. One instance occurs where the Company tricks Sobel into believing the commander wants him to cut the fence through a farm. He does so, and the next day, european farmers are enraged at the commander for what his soldiers had done.
6.Slapton Sands
This is where Easy Company finally makes there way into battle. They move into the beaches and make fox holes for battle. The enemy tanks pass right over them and do not suspect them. From there, the company carries out the first assault.
From here, this is where the men make their first actual jump into combat. For the last battle, they did not need to jump out of planes, for they were already on foot. Here is where they call the "$10,000 jump," in meaning that the men had $10,000 G.I. life insurance.
Since D-Day, Easy Company was able to be put on reserve while the other forces cleared out the remaining areas. During this time, the company goes over their next objectives for the upcoming mission, and also showing off their rewards from the last battle. One of which a soldier aquired a ring from a german enemy.
Easy Company completed their latest mission in Carentan and were now given new uniforms, pay, and a seven-day pass. Most of the soldiers do not remember that week. They drank heavily, got themselves into fights with non-paratroopers, and caused all kinds of destruction like breaking windows and chairs.
It was a beautiful summer day when the Allied forces launched a suprise airborne attack on the Germans. All of the troops, including Easy Company, landed right on their marks. It was here that they needed to take a road that was vital to carrying out operation MARKET-GARDEN. Through many days of tremendous battle, their missionn was successful.

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